About Us

A World Class Classified Company

Allied Health Practitioner Champions

We recognise no one can be the best at everything and rarely would someone have such an interest. 

StoneGye.DIGITAL wellness agency only collaborates with allied health practitioners and health enthusiasts to automate and grow your practice in such a way that you are able to focus on what you really enjoy and are skilled at. 

Within the compliance of your industry, we organise all of our business processes, sales and automation for you to develop deeper more effective relationships with your patients.

The more transparent your relationships are, the healthier and more self-actualised your patients become regarding the breadth of possibilities for their health.

Who Are We?

StoneGye.DIGITAL wellness agency is a collaborative of health enthusiasts, allied health practitioners, marketers and developers that are committed to expanding the conversation and growth of wellbeing on the planet. 

When humanity can expand its experience of wellness, you will feel a greater unfolding of abundance in all things including the vitality and health of our environment. 

You are not separate from other people; we are the same energy. Expanding our identity to all things we are able to perceive means we allow for the frequency of Love to flow unencumbered from within.

Our Values